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DG Gus Angelo Receives 50 Year Pin

In the beginning was... the baked potato. After the Liturgy, in Martell Hall, sponsored by the Brothers of AHEPA 29.

District Governor Gus Angelo received his 50 year pin from Supreme Treasurer Chris Kaitson during AHEPA 29's baked potato dinner on April 13th. Brother Angelo is also president of AHEPA 29, Inc., the four HUD apartments in west Houston that were visited by the HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge.

The Secretary selected AHEPA 29, Inc. because it is the best run HUD operation in the nation. Her entourage included Houston politicians Al Green and Sheila Jackson Lee. National AHEPA Inc. president Steve Beck and regional Manager Sandy Dzankovich were also in attendance.

Also at the Baked Potato dinner, President Doug Harris administered the AHEPA Oath of Membership to initiates Tom Johnson, Gregory Cockinos, Stathis Kafoglis, Justin Makris and Randy Reich with the assistance of Supreme Treasurer Chris Kaitson.

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