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AHEPA Family Houston, Texas

Our Houston AHEPA Family

Information about our local Sister and Junior orders, as well as all entities affiliated with the Houston AHEPA.
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Daughters of Penelope

Achaia Chapter No. 54

Chartered November 27, 1936

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Sons of Pericles

Sam Houston Chapter No. 89

Chartered May 12, 1933

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Maids of Athena

Rodanthi Chapter No. 41

Chartered December 15, 1939

AHEPA 29 Charitable Foundation

The AHEPA 29 Charitable Foundation fulfills our organization’s mission to promote the ancient Hellenic ideals of education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, family and individual excellence. The Foundation gives out between $20,000 and $30,000 per year to 501(c)(3) charities in furtherance of AHEPA’s mission.

Charitable Foundation Board 

Ernest Papavasiliou, President 

(vacant), Vice President

Perry Mavrelis, Secretary

(vacant), Treasurer

Tom Pearson, Jr.

Manuel Maligas

Jacob Espinosa 

Doug Harris

Christos Papadopoulos

George Phillips

John Anaipakos

AHEPA 29 Senior Living

The mission of AHEPA 29 Senior Living is to provide local affordable housing for the low-income elderly and disabled persons, and to ensure that they receive the services designed to meet their physical and social needs. The four facilities owned and operated by AHEPA 29 Senior Living in Houston are all under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

AHEPA Senior Living Board Members

Gus Angelo, President

Christo Zgourides, Vice President

Chris Kaitson, Treasurer

Mel Mamula, Secretary

John Cramer

Cary Fink

Pete Kaldis

Barbara Maligas

Nicholas Patzakis

Thomas Pearson, Sr.

E. Mike Spartalis

Mary Verges

AHEPA 29 I-II_edited.jpg

AHEPA 29 Phases I & II 

103 Senior Apartments

13830 Canyon Hill

Houston, TX 77083 

AHEPA 29 III_edited.jpg

AHEPA 29 Phase III

67 Senior Apartments 

13830 Canyon Hill

Houston, TX 77083

AHEPA 29 IV_edited.jpg

AHEPA 29 Phase IV

84 Senior Apartments

8401 Rustling Leaves Dr.

Houston, TX 77083


Penelope 54 Phases I & II 

112 Senior Apartments
8111 Creekbend Drive
Houston, TX 77071

*Managed by our Sisters in DOP Chapter 54

AHEPA Senior Living 2.png

AHEPA 29 Educational Foundation

The AHEPA 29 Scholarship Program was established to promote, encourage, induce and advance education at the college or university level. Although an applicant’s academic record is an important criterion in awarding scholarships; the scholarships are not a reward for past achievements. The purpose of the scholarships is to assist students to continue their education.


Since its formation in 1990, the AHEPA 29 Educational Foundation has awarded over $800,000 in scholarships.

Educational Foundation Board

Ted Geoca, President

Jim Gaspar, Vice President

Chris Kaitson, Treasurer

Valarie Minetos, Secretary

Paige Cokinos

Stan Patniyot

Nick Pantazis

Jacob Espinosa

Dean Pappas

Sofia Petrou

Manuel Maligas

Mary Minas

Jim Verges

In The News

AHEPA District 16

Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma & Texas

District Governor - Gus Angelo

Lieutenant Governor - Demetrios Horiates

Secretary - Gregory Asvestas

Treasurer - James Cargas

Scholarship Chair - Kim Nikolis

Athletic Director - Mike Spartalis

AHEPA Global

Information to Contact AHEPA Global Headquarters and National Lodges for all entities.

DOP Logo.png
Asset 1AHEPA.png
SOP Logo.png
MOA Logo.png

AHEPA Global Headquarters

1909 Q Street NW

Suite 500

Washington, DC 20009

202-232-6300 | Fax: 202-232-2140

DOP Headquarters


Maids of Athena

Sons of Pericles

Daughters of Penelope

AHEPA Senior Living 2.png
10706 Sky Prairie Street
Fishers, Indiana 46038

Friends of AHEPA Chapter 29

Friends of Cyprus.png
Athens to Houston_edited.jpg
Friends of Cyprus
Marathon Exchange
Hellenic Cultural Center Southwest
Greek Consulate in Houston
Cyprus Crest 1.jpg
Cypriot Consulate in Houston
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