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AHEPA Alexander the Great

Chapter No. 29

Houston, Texas

Chartered August 20, 1923

Welcome to Houston!

Chapter Officers

George Polydoros, Jr., President
James Cargas, Vice President

Mike Spartalis, Treasurer
Mel Mamula, Secretary

Denny Michalopulos, Chaplain

Board of Governors

Doug Harris, Chair

Jim Verges

Ernest Papavasiliou

Tom Pearson, Sr.

Perry Mavrelis

Jacob Espinoza

Stan Patniyot

AHEPA 100 Year Logo.png


Our meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of each month. A light meal is served at 6:15pm and our business meeting commences at 7:15pm.


1914 West Gray

Suite 307

Houston, Texas 77019

No upcoming events at the moment


Here’s why.


I was taught, through the example set by my parents, to help others when you can, where you can, and as you can. 

With the help of their AHEPA Family brothers and sisters, they planned, they dreamed, they gave, they served, and they made things happen. They cooked, they baked, and they built. They also sang, danced, traveled together and played cards. I watched and learned as these friends, relatives, and neighbors divided the tasks--and multiplied their successes.  They accomplished great things…and had a great time doing them.  


If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.


In a community the size of ours, the vast range of individual talents and resources makes virtually anything possible. But what needs to be done will get done quicker and probably better if efforts are coordinated: each man and woman offering assistance when they can, where they can and as they can. 

Few people can be as generous as they would like to be on their own.  Not everyone can take time away from the responsibilities of work and family.  But when the collective benefit of hundreds—maybe thousands—of people working and giving together is brought to bear, the results can be spectacular.

As a member of the AGOC community, a Greek-American, and a Texan by birth, I feel a personal responsibility to help make the world a better place. I believe it’s my duty to assist the victims of disasters like Hurricane Harvey and the wildfires in Greece.  I want to honor our servicemen and women and provide relief where needed.  I want to support the continuing education of our youth and promote academic excellence.  I want to enhance the wellbeing of our community members: their spiritual health, their emotional health, and their financial health. 


And, as often as possible, I like to break bread, raise a glass, and have a laugh in the company of friends both old and new.  My membership in AHEPA makes possible all of these things--and more.  Join us and help make wonderful things happen.  


Individually, we are one drop.  Together, we are an ocean.


       Doug Harris

       President of AHEPA 29 (2012-2023)

       Proud son, brother and uncle. 

       Proud American. Proud AHEPAN. 

History of Alexander the Great Chapter 29

An application for an American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association Charter was made October 30, 1923.  AHEPA Chapter 29, which was formed in 1924, is the fourth oldest and the largest Chapter in District 16 and amongst the four or five largest in the world.


The first president of Chapter 29 was James Cafacalas.  The vice president was John Nicholas and the secretary-treasurer was Charles D. Exarky.  The Chapter consisted of about twenty members and the Reverend A. Vlamides was the Honorary Chaplain.


The 27th Annual Supreme Convention was held in Houston, at the historical Shamrock Hotel in 1953.  The hotel was then barely four years old and the pride and joy of the City of Houston and oilman Glenn McCarthy, Jr.  This was the first Supreme Convention held in Houston, Texas.


Twenty-three years later in 1976, during the Bicentennial of the United States, Houston hosted the 54th Supreme Convention.  This Convention was held at the Hyatt Regency and the Sheraton Hotels in downtown Houston.


Another twenty years would elapse before Houston would host another Supreme Convention in 1996.  The 74th Annual Convention was held at the Westin Oaks and Westin Galleria Hotels.


AHEPA 29 1924.jpg

During the past decade the Chapter has been involved in our community outreach efforts with the Housing and Urban Development Section 202 program, which provides affordable housing for low income elderly.  The AHEPA 29 Inc. Housing Corporation of our Chapter currently has four apartment complexes with over 251 units in operation.  


In 2001, the Chapter created the Education Foundation, a 501c(3) Corporation, to oversee the acquisition and distribution of funds for scholarships and other matters pertaining to education.  , 


In 2003, the chapter created the AHEPA 29 Charitable Foundation which, since its inception, has distributed over $40,000 to a variety of charitable organizations.  

100 Years of AHEPA in Houston

Over the past 80 years, a number of Chapter 29 members have attained high National office:

  • Anthony Kouzounis served as Supreme President and Supreme Vice President. 

  • Chris Kaitson served as Supreme Governor (2019-2021) and Supreme Treasurer (2021-2023)

  • Nick C. Demeris served as Supreme Secretary and also on the Board of Trustees.  

  • James Petheriotes served as Supreme Treasurer.

  • Fred Iconos served as Supreme Treasurer. 

The following Chapter 29 members have served as District 16 Governors:  

  • James C. Cafcalas, 33-34. 

  • P.V. Pappas, 35-36. 

  • John Theophiles, 36-38. 

  • Elias Gatoura, 39. 

  • Nick G. Peet, 42-43. 

  • Charles D. Exarky, 45-47. 

  • John B. Grivas, 50-51. 

  • John A. Pappadas, 51-52. 

  • James Petheriotes, 55-56. 

  • Gus DeClaris, 57-58. 

  • John Janes, 65-67. 

  • Nick C. Demeris, 67-68. 

  • Pete Magiros, 69-70. 

  • Fred Iconos, 70-71. 

  • Jack Lymberry, 73-74. 

  • Jerome M. Kaler, 75-77. 

  • Ernest Papavasiliou, 81-83. 

  • Alex Bond, 86-87. 

  • James M. Broomas, 89-90. 

  • Gus Mylonas, 96-97. 

  • Steve C. Elennis, 97-99. 

  • Anthony Kouzounis, 02-04. 

  • Pete G. Kaldis, ’06 – ’07.

  • Chris Kaitson, ’17 – ‘19. 

  • Gus Angelo, ‘21 – ’22. 



AHEPA Celebrating 100 Years Brochure.jpg

Chapter membership is growing and presently there are about 241 members.  Chapter 29 is eagerly looking forward to pursuing the mission of AHEPA and soaring to new heights.

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