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Coffee with a Cop at DOP HUD

by Cyndi Bedwell, DOP HUD Property Manager

Coffee With a Cop is time dedicated to encouraging communication and positive interaction between law enforcement agencies and the public. The mission of Coffee With a Cop is to break down the barriers between police officers and the citizens they serve.

I invited the officers from the Gessner substation (they patrol our area) to join us for breakfast. I made biscuits, sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, orange juice and coffee. We also had carrot cake, since it was Friday, and I always bake something for the residents to enjoy with their coffee.

Eight officers arrived that morning, and they all ate and visited with the residents. I have already planned the next event for July. In early June I attended a meeting at the Gessner substation and the officers were asking when I was going to do it again. The residents enjoyed it as well.

I have always been involved with the local police, having spent many years as Chairperson for the P.I.P. program (Positive Interaction Program) with HPD, as well as serving on the Administrative Disciplinary Committee. Having a positive interaction with our police officers encourages our residents to report issues, and to see the officers in a positive light instead of someone to fear.

Eight police officers from Houston's Gessner substation reported for breakfast at the Daughters of Penelope HUG apartments of Creekbend Drive. Property Manager Cyndi Bedwell and her staff prepared breakfast for the officers that patrol their area of Houston so the residents can feel safe and relate to the cops as real people.

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